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Areas of Research

  • Study of the formation, distribution, regime and yield of various types of groundwater in permafrost; groundwater use and protection.
  • Study of the interaction of groundwater with frozen ground and surface waters in natural and disturbed areas.
  • Improvement of hydrogeological research methods for engineering reconnaissance and natural protection in permafrost regions.
  • Development of scientific and methodological principles for special-purpose mapping of groundwater in permafrost at various scales.
  • Study of long-term dynamics of cryohydrogeological processes and of their role in permafrost terrain modification.
  • Migration and concentration of chemical elements in undisturbed permafrost landscapes.
  • Transfer and concentration of chemical elements in the areas of anthropogenic impact (industrial, agricultural and urban).

Research Staff

Nadezhda Pavlova Ph.D., Head of Laboratory
Viktor Shepelev D.Sc., Principal Research Scientist
Vladimir Makarov D.Sc., Principal Research Scientist
Valentina Fedoseeva D.Sc., Principal Research Scientist
Nikita Tananaev Ph.D., Leading Research Scientist
Yana Legostaeva
Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist
Leonid Gagarin Ph.D., Research Scientist
Mikhail Parfyonov, Research Scientist
Alexander Kolesnikov, Junior Research Scientist
Oksana Minlikaeva, Junior Research Scientist
Lyudmila Lebedeva, Junior Research Scientist
Marina Danzanova, Research Assistant

Technical Staff

Lyudmila Boitsova, Senior Technical Assistant
Marianna Burnasheva, Senior Technical Assistant
Vladimir Efremov, Senior Technical Assistant
Lena Ivanova, Senior Technical Assistant
Alena Sedelnikova, Senior Technical Assistant
Alexander Semernya, Senior Technical Assistant
Anna Fedorova, Senior Technical Assistant
Olga Shepeleva, Senior Technical Assistant
Tatyana Ayanitova, 1st Category Technical Assistant
Nikolay Torgovkin, 1st Category Technical Assistant
Larisa Fedorova, 1st Category Technical Assistant
Svetlana Fedorova, 1st Category Technical Assistant
Ekaterina Dyachkovskaya, Technical Assistant
Ivan Semenov, Technical Assistant


Melnikov Permafrost Institute
Merzlotnaya St., 36
Yakutsk, Russia 677010
Tel.: 7-4112-390812  Email:



Unless stated otherwise, all photographs on this website are by the Melnikov Permafrost Institute staff members
(Sergey Serikov, Yuri Murzin, Leonid Gagarin, Mikhail Grigoriev, Alexander Fedorov, Sergey Gulyi, Ivan Vakhrin, Andrey Litovko, Stepan Varlamov and others).

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