Areas of Research

  • Thermal and mechanical interaction of engineering structures with thawing, freezing and frozen soils.
  • Physical, mechanical and strength properties of frozen, thawing and thawed soils.
  • Geocryological monitoring in the areas of proposed and existing hydropower, linear and other major projects; prediction and control of dangerous frost-related processes.

Research Staff

Dmitry Shesternev D.Sc., Head of Laboratory
Rudolf Zhang D.Sc., Principal Research Scientist
Alexander Omelyanenko D.Sc., Principal Research Scientist
Vladimir Alekseev D.Sc., Principal Research Scientist
Georgy Kuzmin D.Sc., Principal Research Scientist
Vladimir N. Efremov D.Sc., Leading Research Scientist
Igor Guryanov Ph.D., Leading Research Scientist
Leonid Neradovskii Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist
Ivan Khristoforov Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist
Andrey Litovko, Junior Research Scientist
Kirill Bazhin, Junior Research Scientist
Vladimir Panin, Research Assistant

Technical Staff

Elvira Metlaeva, Senior Programmer
Nadezhda Votyakova, Senior Mathematician
Denis Chirkov, Senior Technical Assistant
Ivan Vakhrin, Senior Technical Assistant
Alexey Kornienko, Senior Technical Assistant
Yulia Sleptsova, Senior Technical Assistant
Pavel Omelyanenko, Senior Technical Assistant
Nadezhda Remizova, 1st Category Technical Assistant
Artem Lobanov, 1st Category Technical Assistant
Vasily Kuvaev, 1st Category Technical Assistant
Andrey Kozhevnikov, Technician


Melnikov Permafrost Institute
Merzlotnaya St.,36
Yakutsk, Russia 677010
Tel.: 7-4112-390-885  Email:



Unless stated otherwise, all photographs on this website are by the Melnikov Permafrost Institute staff members
(Sergey Serikov, Yuri Murzin, Leonid Gagarin, Mikhail Grigoriev, Alexander Fedorov, Sergey Gulyi, Ivan Vakhrin, Andrey Litovko, Stepan Varlamov and others).

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