Spektor Valentin


Valentin Spektor, Ph.D.

Head, Laboratory of General Geocryology


Tel.: (4112) 390-884

Email: vvspector@mpi.ysn.ru



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Educational Background

  • M.S. (Philology), Yakutsk State University, 1998
  • M.S. (Geography), Yakutsk State University, 2002
  • Ph.D. (Geography), Melnikov Permafrost Institute, 2003. Dissertation: The Origin of Cryolithogenic Complexes in the High Plain of the Lena-Amga Watershed


Research Interests

  • Permafrost
  • Geomorphology
  • Paleoenvironments
  • Quaternary period


Field Work

  • 2004 – joint studies with the Central Prospecting Expedition and the Diamond and Precious Metal Geology Institute at the Mamontova Gora exposure on the Aldan River
  • 2004 – joint Russian-German studies in the Lena-Amga watershed (Prokhladnoe Lake, permafrost exposures near Maimaga Village and Muru Lake)
  • 2004 – drilling of Quaternary sediments near Chyappara Village, Lena-Amga Watershed (the Abalakh Terrace), Central Yakutia
  • 2003 – joint Russian-German studies along the Dyanyshka River, Verkhoyansk Mountains
  • 2001 – field studies of permafrost exposures along the Lower Aldan and Middle Lena Rivers
  • 2000 – field studies of permafrost exposures along the Lower Aldan River
  • 2000 – drilling of bottom sediments from the ice surface, Timie Lake, Pre-Lena Plateau
  • 1999 – field studies of permafrost exposures along the Middle Lena River


Teaching Involvement

From 2007 to present – Associate Professor in the Department of Geocryology, North-Eastern Federal University. Courses taught:

  • General geocryology
  • General engineering geology


Unless stated otherwise, all photographs on this website are by the Melnikov Permafrost Institute staff members
(Sergey Serikov, Yuri Murzin, Leonid Gagarin, Mikhail Grigoriev, Alexander Fedorov, Sergey Gulyi, Ivan Vakhrin, Andrey Litovko, Stepan Varlamov and others).

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