Efremov Vlad

Vladimir Efremov

Senior Technical Assistant
Laboratory of Permafrost Groundwater and Geochemistry


Tel.: (4112) 390-831

Email: evs.imz.dendro@mail.ru


  • M.S. (Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology), Yakutsk State University, 2006

Research Interests

  • Groundwater springs
  • Dendrochronology of icings
  • Application of geophysical methods to exploration of supra- and intrapermafrost water in the Bestyakh Terrace of the Lena River
  • Lakes and their role in groundwater recharge and discharge

Field Work

  • Groundwater observations (flow rates, temperature, chemistry, discharge patterns) on the Bestyakh Terrace, Middle Lena River basin, Central Yakutia

Current Projects

  • Contract Project with the Space Research Institute RAS, Moscow, 2018: Field Testing of the DAN Instrument at the Melnikov Permafrost Institute's Monitoring Sites (Co-Investigator)
  • Contract Project with the Sakha (Yakutia) Department of Housing and Communal Services: Geological Exploration of the Well #1-ST Area in Satagai, Amga District, for Groundwater Resource Assessment (2017-2018) (Co-Investigator)
  • RFBR Project 17-05-01287_а, 2017-2019: Formation and Evolution of Small River Channels on the Plains in the Permafrost Zone (Co-Investigator)

Completed Projects

  • Core Project VII.63.2.5: Geocryological Hazards in the Russian North-East: Landscape and Hydrogeological Relationships. Part 2. Evolution of Hydrogeological Systems of Supra- and Intrapermafrost Type and Evaluation of Their Effects on the Landscape Sphere of Yakutia.
  • Collaborative Project with the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Kyoto, Japan, 2010-2014. Effects of Climate Change on Recharge, Regime and Discharge of Suprapermafrost and Intrapermafrost Water in Central Yakutia.
  • SB RAS Project 25.1.5. Formation Processes of Permafrost Landscapes and Their Evolution under Anthropogenic Impact and Climate Change, 2004-2006. Part 2. Variability of Groundwater Conditions in Permafrost Landscapes in Response to Anthropogenic Impacts and Climate Change.
  • SB RAS Project Study of the Current State and Trends in Permafrost Landscape Dynamics Due to Changes in Climate, Hydrogeology and Anthropogenic Activity, 2007-2009. Part 2. Evaluation of the Effects of Hydrogeochemical, Thermal Suffosion, Icings and Other Hydrogeological Processes on the State of Permafrost Landscapes.
  • RFBR Project 06-05-96087 (r_vostok_a), 2006-2008. Understanding the Formation and Dynamics of Saline Taliks in Urban Areas of Central Yakutia.
  • Public Contract with the Republic of Sakha/Yakutia Government no. 638. Project 1.2.19, 2008-2010. Study of Hydrogeothermal Conditions in the Intrapermafrost Water Recharge Area in the Bestyakh Terrace.
  • Contract with OOO NVTs Geoteknologia, 2009-2011. Study of Hydraulic Properties of Soils at Test Sites of New Suprapermafrost Drainage Systems for Buildings and Structures in the Republic of Sakha/Yakutia.

Selected Publications

  • Lebedeva L.S., Bazhin K.I., Khristoforov I.I., Abramov A.A., Pavlova N.A., Efremov V.S., Ogonerov V.V., Tarbeeva A.M., Fedorov M.P., Nesterova N.V., Makarieva O.M. (2019). Suprapermafrost subaerial taliks, Central Yakutia, Shestakovka river basin. Kriosfera Zemli, XXIII(1), 35–44 DOI: 10.21782/EC2541-9994-2019-1(35-44) http://www.izdatgeo.ru/pdf/earth_cryo/2019-1/35_eng.pdf
  • Lebedeva L., Shamov V., Tarbeeva A., Efremov V. (2019). River runoff generation at the small research watershed in continuous permafrost environment in Central Yakutia, Russia. In: Solving the Puzzles from Cryosphere, Int. Conf., Pushchino, Russia, April 15-18, 2019, Program and Abstracts, p. 90-91.
  • Lebedeva L., Tarbeeva A., Efremov V., Ogonerov V. (2019). Permafrost under the river and forest: How local hydro(geo)logy influences ground temperature. In: Solving the Puzzles from Cryosphere, Int. Conf., Pushchino, Russia, April 15-18, 2019, Program and Abstracts, p. 104.
  • Pavlova, N., Lebedeva, L., & Efremov, V. (2019). Lake water and talik groundwater interaction in continuous permafrost, Central Yakutia. Paper presented at the 16th International Symposium on Water-Rock Interaction, WRI 2019 and 13th International Symposium on Applied Isotope Geochemistry, 1st IAGC International Conference; Tomsk; Russian Federation; 21 July 2019-26 July 2019. E3S Web of Conferences, , 98, doi:10.1051/e3sconf/20199807024
  • Shamov V., Lebedeva L., Tarbeeva A., Lutsenko T., Ksenofontova M., Gartsman B., Efremov V., Danilov P., Pavlova N., Legostaeva Y., Ogonerov V., Panysheva K. (2019). Detailed hydrological observations in a small catchment at Prilenskoye Plateau (a case of the Shestakovka Creek): Some evidences and puzzles. In: Solving the Puzzles from Cryosphere, Int. Conf., Pushchino, Russia, April 15-18, 2019, Program and Abstracts, p. 89-90.
  • Olenchenko V.V., Gagarin L.A., Khristoforov I.I., Kolesnikov A.B., Efremov V.S. (2017). The structure of a site with thermo-suffosion processes within Bestyakh terrace of the Lena River, according to geophysical data. Earth's Cryosphere XXI(5): 14–23. doi: 10.21782/EC1560-7496-2017-5(14-23) http://www.izdatgeo.ru/pdf/earth_cryo/2017-5/14_eng.pdf
  • Lebedeva L., Makarieva O., Nesterova N., Meyer H., Efremov V., Ogonerov V. (2017). Water storages and fluxes within the small watershed in continuous permafrost zone. Geophysical Research Abstracts, vol. 19, EGU2017-10657, 2017, EGU General Assembly 2017. http://meetingorganizer.copernicus.org/EGU2017/EGU2017-10657.pdf.
  • Pavlova N.A., Efremov V.S., Kolesnikov A.B. (2017). Monitoring of the Unugestyakh lake with outlet in Central Yakutia. Cold-Region Hydrology in a Non-Stationary World, Proceedings of 21st Northern Research Basins Symposium and Workshop. August 6–12, 2017, Yakutsk, Russia. Yakutsk: Melnikov Permafrost Institute Publ., pp. 100-103.
  • Tarbeeva A., Krylenko I., Surkov V.,Efremov V., Lebedeva L., Shamov V. (2017). Beaded river channels in the permafrost zone: past, present and future. Book of Abstracts, Int. Conf. Earth's Cryosphere: Past, Present and Future, Pushchino, Russia, June 4-8, 2017, pp. 94-95.
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  • Lebedeva, L.; Efremov, V.; Kolesnikov, A.; Nesterova, N.; Semenova, O. New and historical data on hydrological cycle in small permafrost basin to simulate water fluxes in cold environments, International Conference “Permafrost in XXI Century: Basic and Applied Researches”, Pushchino, Russia, September 27 – October 1, 2015, 86-87, 2015, Institute of Physicochemical and Biological Problems in Soil Science RAS.
  • Pavlova N.A., Danzanova M.V., Efremov V.S., Popenko F.E. (2012). Assessment of the Effectiveness of Drainage Systems for the Solution to Hydrogeoecological Problems of the City of Yakutsk. In: Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Permafrost, Salekhard, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, Russia June 25–29, 2012. Vol. 4/2, Extended Abstracts. Tyumen, Ekaterinburg: The Fort Dialog-Iset Publisher, pp. 444-445.