Leonid Neradovskii, D.Sc.

Senior Research Scientist
Laboratory of Permafrost Engineering

Tel.: +7-4112-390814



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Education and Degrees

  • M.S., Irkutsk Polytechnic Institute, 1973
  • Ph.D. (Engineering), Melnikov Permafrost Institute, 2006. Dissertation: Study of the State and Properties of Permafrost and Cryopegs by Ground-Penetrating Radar
  • D.Sc. (Eng.), Melnikov Permafrost Institute, 2016. Dissertation: Methodological Bases for Electromagnetic Sounding of Frozen Ground within the Layer of Annual Temperature Variations


Research Interests

  • Petrophysics of permafrost materials


Field Work

  • 2012-present – geophysical surveys along the roads and railroads in central and southern Yakutia
  • 2011 – Berkakit-Tommot-Kerdem Railroad Corridor, electromagnetic induction measurements
  • 2009-2010 – geophysical surveys in the Yakutsk area to estimate the thermal state of frozen foundation soils
  • 2007-2008 – GPR surveys in Mirny and Chernyshevsky, western Yakutia to study the thermal state of permafrost foundation materials for urban infrastructure
  • 2007 – geophysical surveys of permafrost conditions in the Kyuchus gold deposit
  • 2006 – Tommot-Yakutsk Railroad, KP 698.8-699.3 and KP701.8-702.6 – geophysical mapping of ice wedges and soil/bedrock interfaces
  • 2006 – geophysical mapping of biogenic taliks in livestock farming areas, Malaya Markha
  • 2005-2006 – geophysical studies of permafrost and ground ice bodies along the proposed Tommot-Kerdem railroad corridor