Gagarin L

Leonid Gagarin, Ph.D.

Senior Research Scientist
Laboratory of Permafrost Groundwater and Geochemistry

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Education and Degrees

  • M.S. (Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology), Moscow State University, 2008
  • Ph.D. (Geology and Mineralogy), Melnikov Permafrost Institute, 2013. Dissertation: Dynamics of Thermosuffosional Processes in Permafrost, with Special Reference to Central Yakutia


  • Postdoctoral Fellow, State Key Laboratory of Frozen Soil Engineering, CAS (Lanzhou, China), 2020-2020

Research Interests

  • Geocryological processes
  • Taliks
  • Ground water
  • Permafrost thermal regime

Field Work

  • 2020 – Icing morphometry and groundwater chemistry measurements, Muostakh River valley, southern Yakutia; icing development and growth observations along the Lena Highway; icing measurements along the Mirny to Anabar road in Chernyshevsky, western Yakutia
  • 2018-2019 – Icings surveys along the Power of Siberia Pipeline route, KM 8895 to Skovorodino
  • 2018 – Tibet Plateau (ground temperature measurements, groundwater sampling for isotope analysis)
  • 2008-present - Topographic, hydrogeological and geocryological studies at the Bestyakhskaya terrace of the Lena River, Central Yakutia, Russia

Current and Recent Projects

  • SB RAS Basic Research Project IX.127.2.3, 2017-2020: Integrated Studies to Understand the Dynamics of Natural and Human-Affected Landscapes in the East Siberian permafrost region – Block 2. Understanding the Interaction between Surface and Ground Water in the Formation and Dynamics of Permafrost Landscapes (Co-Investigator)
  • Contract Project with RDR Group, Yakutsk, 2018: Drilling of a Groundwater Observation Well and Fabrication and Installation of a 3-m Filter Pipe in District 203, Yakutsk (Principal Investigator)
  • SKLFSE201701 Grant from the State Key Laboratory of Frozen Soil Engineering, CAS (Lanzhou, China), 2018-2019

Selected Past Projects

  • RFBR Grant 16-05-01116, 2016-2018: Permafrost Stratigraphy and Cryofacies Analysis of Frozen Ground (Co-Investigator)
  • SB RAS Basic Research Project VIII.69.2.3, 2013-2016. Multidisciplinary Research on Late Pleistocene and Holocene Evolution of Permafrost Landscapes in East Siberia. Block 2. Understanding the Role of Hydrogeological Factors in the Formation and Dynamics of Permafrost Landscapes (Co-Investigator)
  • Core Project VII.63.2.5, 2010-2012. Geocryological Hazards in the Russian North-East: Landscape and Hydrogeological Relationships. Part 2. Evolution of Hydrogeological Systems of Supra- and Intrapermafrost Type and Evaluation of Their Effects on the Landscape Sphere of Yakutia
  • Collaborative Project with the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Kyoto, Japan, 2010-2014. Effects of Climate Change on Recharge, Regime and Discharge of Suprapermafrost and Intrapermafrost Water in Central Yakutia
  • Contract with OOO NVTs Geoteknologia, 2009-2011. Study of Hydraulic Properties of Soils at Test Sites of New Suprapermafrost Drainage Systems for Buildings and Structures in the Republic of Sakha/Yakutia
  • Public Contract with the Republic of Sakha/Yakutia Government no. 638. Project 1.2.19, 2008-2010. Study of Hydrogeothermal Conditions in the Intrapermafrost Water Recharge Area in the Bestyakh Terrace
  • SB RAS Project Study of the Current State and Trends in Permafrost Landscape Dynamics Due to Changes in Climate, Hydrogeology and Anthropogenic Activity, 2007-2009. Part 2. Evaluation of the Effects of Hydrogeochemical, Thermal Suffosion, Icings and Other Hydrogeological Processes on the State of Permafrost Landscapes