Alexey Galanin, D.Sc.

Principal Research Scientist, Laboratory of General Geocryology
Head, MPI Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory

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Education and Degrees

  • D.Sc. (Geography), Pacific Institute of Geography, Vladivostok, 2009. Dissertation: Rock Glaciers in Northeast Russia: Structure, Origin, and Geographic Analysis
  • Ph.D. (Geography), Pacific Institute of Geography, Vladivostok, 1997. Dissertation: Lichenometric Technique for Studying Modern Geomorphological Processes in Northeast Russia
  • M.S. (Geological Exploration), Irkutsk State University, 1993

Research Interests

  • Glacial paleoenvironments; Late Pleistocene and Holocene paleoclimates
  • Geomorphological mapping; structure, dynamics and age of periglacial slope processes
  • Planning and geo-environmental assessment of industrial projects
  • Gold prospecting methods in glacial and permafrost terrain

Current Projects

  • SB RAS Basic Research Project, 2021-2025: Structure of Continental Permafrost and Key Stages of Its Evolution during the Neopleistocene and Holocene (Project Co-Director)
  • Russian Science Foundation Grant 21-17-00054, 2021-2023: Quaternary Aeolian Landforms and Cover Deposits in the Lena River Basin, East Siberia: Structure, Age and Paleoenvironmental Significance (Project Director)
  • Russian Geographical Society Grant 46149, 2021: Tukulans: Fossil Relicts of the Ice-Age Deserts in East Siberia (Principal Investigator)
  • DIMA (Developing Innovative Multiproxy Analyses—in Siberia and the Russian Far East) Network (Working Group Member)

Past Projects and Grant Awards

  • SB RAS Basic Research Project IX.135.2.5, 2017-2020: Structure, Age and Development of Permafrost in the Interior Areas of Central and Northeast Asia – Element 2.2. Rock Glaciers in Eastern Asia (Principal Investigator) and Block 3. Radiocarbon and Palynological History of Ultra-Continental Permafrost in Northeast Asia (Principal Investigator)
  • SB RAS Interdisciplinary Integrated Project II.1, 2018-2020: Reconstructing the Late Pleistocene and Holocene Permafrost and Subsurface Temperature in the Vilyui Basin – Block 3. Structure and Evolution of Periglacial Eolian Sediments, Permafrost and Landforms in the Vilyui Basin During the Late Neopleostocene and Holocene (Principal Investigator)
  • RFBR Project 17-05-00954, 2017-2019: Structure, Origin and Composition of Stable Isotopes in Intrapermafrost Taliks of the Late Quaternary Sand Dunes, Central Yakutia (Project Director)
  • RFBR Project 18-45-140012: Geomorphological Mapping and Zonation of Late-Quaternary Periglacial and Eolian Landforms in Central Yakutia Using Satellite Imagery and GIS-Technologies (Project Director)
  • SECOND YAKUTIA EXPEDITION Project (MPI), 2017: Comprehensive Investigation and Mapping of the State of Permafrost in Yakutia for Elaborating Scientific Guidelines and Technologies for Socio-Economic Development (Participant)
  • Collaborative Research (MPI – Mammoth Fauna Section, Sakha (Yakutia) Academy of Sciences), radiocarbon dating (Principal Investigator)
  • SAFEA (State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, China) High-End Foreign Experts Project Award #GDT20176200053, 2017-2018
  • RFBR-RS(Y) Project 15-45-05129_восток_а, 2015-2017. Pleistocene Cryodeserts (Tukulans) in Central Yakutia (Project Director)
  • RFBR Project 14-05-00435_а, 2014-2016. Structure and Dynamics of Mountain Permafrost, Glaciers and Rock Glaciers in Central and Northeastern Asia during the Late Holocene (Project Director)
  • SB RAS Basic Research Project VIII.77.2.2, 2013-2016. Mountain Glaciations and Permafrost in Continental Areas of Central and Northeastern Asia. Response of Glacial and Periglacial Formations to Recent Changes in Climate (Project Director)
  • Collaborative Project with the National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan. Project of the Vertical Profile Measurement of Greenhouse Gases Concentration in the Troposphere by an Airplane, 2011-2014 (Co-Principal Investigator)
  • Collaborative Project with the National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan. Project of Greenhouse Gases Monitoring on the Ground Station in Yakutsk, 2011-2014 (Co-Principal Investigator)
  • RFBR Grant 11-05-00318-a, 2011-2013. Age and Late Holocene Dynamics of the Periglacial Morphosculpture on the Kolyma Upland Based on Lichenometric and Schmidt Hammer Test Data (Project Director)
  • RFBR-Taiwan Project 10-05-92000-HHC_a, 2010-2012. Structure of River Systems and Morphology of Drainage Basins in the Northwestern Part of the Pacific Seismic Belt (Principal Investigator)
  • RFBR-Republic of Sakha/Yakutia Grant 12-05-98507-p_vostok_a, 2012-2014. Elaboration of Methods for Absolute and Relative Dating of Central Yakutian Permafrost, Surface Water and Ground Water Based on Radiocarbon and Tritium Contents Using the Quantulus 1220 Low-Level Spectrometer (Project Director)
  • Contract with Nizhne-Lenskoe Co. 800/03-01-2011, 2011-2013. Study of Engineering Geological, Geocryological and Hydrological Conditions in the Lower Bolshaya Kuonamka River Basin and Compilation of a 1:50,000-scale Engineering Geology Map (Principal Investigator)
  • SB RAS Expedition Grant, 2012. Absolute Age and Recent Dynamics of the Ice and Loess Formation in Central Yakutia (Project Director)
  • RFBR-Austria 09-05-91005-АНФ_а, 2009-2011. Late Cenozoic Volcanism at the North American and Eurasian Plate Boundary in Northeast Asia: Evolution of Eruptions and Mantle Geochemistry (Principal Investigator)
  • RFBR Grant 08-05-00046-а, 2008-2010. The Last Glaciation and Neoglacial Epoch in the Chersky Range Based on Lichenometric, Spore-Pollen and Radiocarbon Data (Project Director)
  • RFBR Grant 01-05-07013-aнo, 2001-2002. Lichenometry: An Analytical Review (Project Director)
  • RFBR Grant 98-05-64642-a, 1998-2000. Reconstruction of Late Holocene Fluctuations of Glaciers and Rock Glaciers in Northeast Russia from Lichenometric and Radiocarbon Data
  • RFBR Grant 96-05-66226-a, 1996-1998. Lichenometric Dating of Paleoseismic Dislocations in Northeast Russia

Field Work

  • 2012-present – field studies of periglacial aeolian deposits in the Vilyui and Lena River basins
  • 2013-present – studies on mountain permafrost, periglacial geomorphology, and glaciers in Central and Northeastern Asia (northern Tian-Shan, Altay Mountains, Suntar-Khayata Range)
  • 2017-2018 – sampling of eolian deposits in the central Qinghai-Tibet Plateau (Beiluhe station)
  • 2011-2014 – geotechnical, geocryological and hydrological studies in the Lower Bolshaya Kuonamka River valley
  • 2008-2010 – glacier studies in the Chersky Range, lichenometric, spore-pollen and radiocarbon dating
  • 2006-2008 – internal environmental audit and monitoring of pipeline construction for Sakhalin Energy Co.
  • Sakhalin II Project; temporary erosion control at environmentally sensitive stream crossings by Golder Associates
  • 2003-2005 – seismic studies in eastern Chukotka 1994 – participant, joint Russia/United States Expedition to eastern Chukotka for the Beringia National Park planning
  • 1999-2006 – environmental impact assessment studies for gold mining projects in Magadan area (Kubaka, Birkachan, Julietta, Matrosov), Chukotka (Kupol, Mayskoe) and Yamal-Nenets (Ray-Iz)
  • 1998-2000 – studies of present glaciers and rock glaciers in the Koryak Upland
  • 1996 – restoration of the Chukotka seismic station network of the Magadan Seismologic Service
  • 1995 – soil contamination mapping and monitoring, Kubaka gold-silver deposit
  • 1993-1995 – field data collection for lichenometric analysis and periglacial morphosculpture studies in the Koryak Upland, Pekul’ney Range, and Chukotka Peninsula

Memberships and Committee Activity

  • Presidium Member, Russian Association of Geomorphologists (2016-present)
  • Member, MPI Dissertation Council, 2011-present
  • Member, MPI Scientific Council, 2011-present
  • Editorial Board member, Nauka i Tekhnika v Yakutii [Science and Technology in Yakutia], 2013-present
  • Member, Russian Geographical Society
  • RFBR Expert Panel (Paleoenvironmental Science) (2017-2020)
  • Reviewer, Federal Target Program “Research and Development in Priority Areas of the Russian Scientific and Technological Complex in 2014-2020” (2019-2020)

Teaching and Supervision Activities

  • Lecturer, courses at B.S. level in geomorphology and Quaternary geology, North-Eastern Federal University (NEFU)
  • Deputy Chair, NEFU examination and attestation committees for graduate degrees on geography and on geosciences
  • Chair, examination and attestation committees for graduate degrees on applied geomatics, NEFU– Aix-Marseille Université dual degree program
  • PhD research supervisor:
    • Radiocarbon and pollen history of periglacial aeolian deposits in Central Yakutia. Maria Pavlova
    • Radiocarbon dating of periglacial sediments in Yakutia. Grigorii Shaposhnikov
    • Younger Dryas climatic catastrophe 12.500 years B.P.: Geomorphic and cryostratigraphic evidence from Central Yakutia. Anzhela Vasileva
    • Eolian periglacial landforms (tukulans) in Central Yakutia: Structure, origin, age, and distribution. Anna Kut, completed 2015
    • Climate and vegetation of the Anadyr plateau, continental Chukotka, over the last 350,000 years (palynological characterization of El’gygytgyn lake sediments), T.V. Matrosova. Completed
    • Technogenic rock glaciers: structure, dynamics and formation associated with mining of primary deposits (with reference to the Kubaka Mine project). Oleg Motorov, completed

Honours and Distinctions

  • 2019 – Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Commendation
  • 2010 – Far East Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Commendation
  • 2010 – Presidium of the North-Eastern Scientific Center, Far East Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences Commendation
  • 2006 –Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd. Special Recognition Award