Petr P. Gavriliev, D.Sc. Geogr., Prof.

(1935 - 2009)

Dr. Petr P. Gavriliev made outstanding contributions to environmental studies of northern agricultural lands.

Years at MPI: 1962-1978, 1988-2009

Important contributions:
-- Gavriliev, P.P. Guidelines for Determining the Regimes of Basin Irrigation of Meadows and Pastures in Central Yakutia. Якутск: Якутское кн. изд-во, 1976. – 28 pp.
-- Gavriliev, P.P., Mandarov, A.A. Basin Irrigation of Meadows in Central Yakutia. Новосибирск: Наука, 1976. – 165 pp.
-- Gavriliev, P.P., Mandarov, A.A., Ugarov, I.S. Hydrothermal Reclamation of Agricultural Lands in Yakutia. Новосибирск: Наука, 1984. – 201 pp.
-- Gavriliev, P.P. Interim Guide for Land Reclamation in Arctic Yakutia. Якутск: ИМЗ СО АН СССР, 1987. – 40 pp.
-- Gavriliev, P.P. Soil Investigation for the Design of Land-Reclamation Facilities on Permafrost: Manual to VSN 33- Soil Investigations for Land Reclamation. Якутск: ИМЗ СО АН СССР, 1988. – 128 pp.
-- Gavriliev, P.P. Land Reclamation and Management in Ice-Rich Permafrost Areas of Yakutia. Якутск: ИМЗ СО АН СССР, 1991. – 70 pp.
-- Gavriliev, P.P. Land Reclamation in Permafrost Areas of Yakutia. Новосибирск: Наука, 1991. – 184 pp.
-- Gavriliev, P.P. Drainage and Irrigation of Permafrost-Affected Soils in the North: A Textbook. Якутск: ИМЗ СО РАН, 1997. – 106 pp.
-- Gavriliev, P.P., Ugarov, I.S., Efremov, P.V. Permafrost-Ecological Characteristics of Taiga Agrolandscapes, Central Yakutia. Якутск: Изд-во ИМЗ СО РАН, 2001. – 196 pp.
-- Balobaev, V.T., Gavrilova, M.K., Skachkov, Y.B., Gavriliev, P.P. et al. A Review of the Current State and Future Trends in Yakutian Climate. Якутск: ЯФ Изд-ва СО РАН, 2003. – 52 pp.
-- Fedorov, A.N., Maximov, T.Ch., Gavriliev, P.P. et al. Spasskaya Pad: Integrated Investigations of the Permafrost Landscapes. Якутск: Изд-во ИМЗ СО РАН, 2006. – 210 pp.
-- Argunov, R.N., Vasiliev, I.S., Gavriliev, P.P., Fedorov, A.N., Shepelev, V.V., Georgiadi, A.G. et al. Heat Exchange in Permafrost Landscapes and Its Controls, East Siberia. Москва – Тверь: ООО «Издательство “Триада”», 2007. – 576 pp.