Igor A. Nekrasov, D.Sc. Geogr., Prof.


A prominent researcher in the sphere of general and regional permafrost science

Years at MPI: 1962–1984

Important contributions:
-- Nekrasov, I.A. Permafrost in Yakutia. Якутск: Якутское кн. изд-во, 1984. – 119 pp.
-- Nekrasov, I.A. Taliks in River Valleys and Distribution Patterns, Anadyr Basin. Москва: Наука, 1967. – 138 pp.
-- Nekrasov, I.A., Zabolotnik, S.I., Klimovsky, I.V., Shastkevich, Y.G. Permafrost on the Stanovoy Upland and Vitim Plateau. Москва: Наука, 1967. – 168 pp.
-- Nekrasov, I.A. Evolution of Knowledge on the Morphology and Temperature Field of Permafrost in the North-Eastern U.S.S.R.. Новосибирск: Изд-во СО АН СССР, ГПНТБ, 1971. – 36 pp.
-- Nekrasov, I.A., Popov, G.N. History of Permafrost and Periglacial Studies in the Baikal Area. Новосибирск: Изд-во СО АН СССР, ГПНТБ, 1971. – 73 pp.
-- Nekrasov, I.A., Selivanov, A.A. The Main Stages of Permafrost Research in the Far-Eastern U.S.S.R.. Новосибирск: Изд-во СО АН СССР, ГПНТБ, 1971. – 32 pp.
-- Nekrasov, I.A., Maximov, E.V., Klimovsky, I.V. Last Glaciation and Permafrost in the Southern Verkhoyansk Range. Якутск: Якутское кн. изд-во, 1973. – 150 pp.
-- Nekrasov, I.A., Devyatkin, V.N. Permafrost Morphology in the Yana Basin and Adjacent Regions. Новосибирск: Наука, 1974. – 72 pp.
-- Nekrasov, I.A. Permafrost and Its Evolution in North-Eastern and Southern Siberia. Якутск: Якутское кн. изд-во, 1976. – 244 pp.
-- Nekrasov, I.A., Klimovsky, I.V. Permafrost along the Baikal-Amur Railway. Новосибирск: Наука, 1978. – 120 pp.
-- Nekrasov, I.A., Zabolotnik, S.I., Klimovsky. I.V. et al. The Baikal-Amur Railway. Geocryological Map, scale 1: 2,500,000. Москва: ГУГК, 1979. – 2 sheets.
-- Nekrasov, I.A., Sheikman, V.S. Inventory of Glaciers in the U.S.S.R., the Chersky Range. Ленинград: Гидрометеоиздат, 1981. – 88 pp.