Evgeny M. Katasonov, Ph.D. Geol.&Miner.


Years at MPI: 1955-1988

Dr. Katasonov was a prominent permafrost scientist whose pioneering research laid the foundation for cryolithology. The cryofacies method developed by Dr. Katasonov is widely used to reconstruct the depositional environments, mechanisms and processes of permafrost formation. He elaborated criteria for identifying and classifying syngenetically frozen ground. Particularly significant is Katasonov’s theory of permafrost existence in Siberia throughout the Quaternary period. He also found that Pleistocene continental sediments contain cryostructures which develop if the frozen substrate is at shallow depths. Over 27 years (1961-1988) he led the Laboratory of Frozen Quaternary Sediments at the Permafrost Institute in Yakutsk.

Important contributions:
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