Nikolai S. Ivanov, D.Sc. Eng., Prof.


An outstanding scientist and science manager who pioneered thermophysical research in Yakutia.

Years at MPI: 1952–1968

Important contributions
-- Ivanov, N.S. Heat Exchange in Permafrost. Москва: Изд-во АН СССР, 1962. – 200 pp.
-- Ivanov, N.S., Gavriliev, R.I. Thermal Properties of Frozen Soils. A Reference Book. Москва: Наука, 1965. – 73 pp.
-- Ivanov, N.S. Heat and Mass Transfer in Frozen Ground. Москва: Наука, 1969. – 240 pp.
-- Ivanov, N.S. Modeling of Thermal Processes in Soils and Rocks. Москва: Наука, 1972. – 138 pp.