Nikolai F. Grigoriev, Ph.D. Geogr.


One of the leading permafrost scientists, he made an outstanding contribution to both Russian Arctic and Antarctic research

Years at MPI: 1946–1969, 1973–1986

Important contributions
-- Grigoriev, N.F. Formation of Relief and Permafrost on the East Antarctic Coasts. Москва: Изд-во АН СССР, 1962. – 148 pp.
-- Grigoriev, N.F. Permafrost in the Coastal Areas of Yakutia. Москва: Наука, 1966. – 180 pp.
-- Grigoriev, N.F. Permafrost in the Coastal Zone of Western Yamal. Якутск: ИМЗ СО АН СССР, 1987. – 112 pp.
-- Grigoriev, N.F. Permafrost and Hydrogeology of the Igarka Area. Якутск: ИМЗ СО РАН, 1992. – 56 pp.
-- Grigoriev, N.F. With Love to the Arctic. Новосибирск: Академическое изд-во «Гео». 2006. – 156 pp.