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Areas of Research

  • Study of permafrost response to climatic change and human activity in the northern Yenisey area.
  • Control of frost action in foundation materials.
  • Study of origin and distribution of massive icy beds in periglacial landscapes of the northern Yenisey area.
  • Development of methods for founding buildings and structures on thin ice-saturated permafrost.
  • Geothermal investigations in the sporadic and continuous permafrost zones of northern Yenisey.
  • Study of the role of permafrost and related processes in sediment delivery from the catchment areas in northern Yenisey. 

Research Staff

Andrey Litovko, Acting Head of Laboratory
Oleg Kazansky Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist

Technical Staff

Tatyana Fedorova, Senior Technical Assistant
Svetlana Polyukhova, Senior Technical Assistant
Sergey Dudarek, 1st Category Technical Assistant
Nikolay Konevshi, Technician
Anatoly Pimov, Driver & Driller
Valery Isakov, Electrician


8a, I microrajon 
Igarka, Krasnoyarski Krai 
Russia 663200
Phone/fax: +7 39172 2-14-26, 2-14-37 E-mail: igl@igarka.net