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Areas of Research

  • Development of a quantitative understanding of the formation, distribution, and structure of permafrost, talik zones and groundwater in north-eastern Russia with account for present-day geological processes; landscape indication and monitoring.
  • Scientific research to develop practical measures for providing integrity and safety of structures and buildings affected by natural and anthropogenic changes in permafrost conditions.
  • Temperature monitoring of frozen and thawing ground in natural and disturbed environments.
  • Providing scientific and technical assistance to civil, construction and mining projects, as well as to nature protection programs in Magadan District.


Research Staff

Sergey Gulyi
Ph.D., Head of Station
Alexander Vasiliev, Deputy Head of Station
Vladimir Vlasov Ph.D., Leading Research Scientist
Vladimir Mikhailov D.Sc., Leading Research Scientist

Technical Staff

Luidmila Vlasova, 1st Category Technical Assistant
R.A. Oskina, 1st Category Technical Assistant
V.V. Pershin, Technical Assistant

Support Staff

Svetlana Gerasimova, Accountant
G.A. Khromenkov, Driver



Room 205
Portovaja St. 16
Magadan, Russia 685000
Phone/Fax: +7 4132 65-52-61 Е-mail: