May 2021

Congratulations to RGS 2021 Grant Award Winners

Three MPI teams have been awarded the Russian Geographical Society 2021 Grants. The project “Atlas of Taryns (Gigantic Icings) in Northeast Russia” led by Dr. Vladimir Alekseev will summarize the existing knowledge and collect new information on gigantic icings, a unique phenomenon of the coldest remote regions of Russia. It will examine the geographical distribution of icings, their seasonal and long-term dynamics, as well as their role in landscape development and human activities. Icing volumes and associated hazards will be assessedThe project, titled "Tukulans: Fossil Relicts of the Ice-Age Deserts in East Siberia" (PI: Dr. Alexey Galanin), will involve investigations on geography, landscape, geology and biodiversity of dune fields in the basins of the middle Lena, middle Vilyui, Tyung, Linda and Chara. The project’s expected outcome is an illustrated book for general public. The purpose of the project led by Olga Makarieva, PhD, is to compile a water resources atlas of Magadan Province, summarizing recent data on the water balance and hydrological regime of the region, as well as to predict future changes in hydrological characteristics based on mathematical modeling and climate warming scenarios.


News 2021 Tukulan

A tukulan along the middle Lena River. 
News 2021 Buluus
An icing in central Yakutia.