August 19, 2019

Artem Naberezhnyi will head the MPI's Laboratory of Permafrost Engineering

Artem Naberezhnyi, PhD, will act as Head of the Laboratory of Permafrost Engineering. He comes to MPI from the North-Eastern Federal University in Yakutsk where he was Senior Lecturer in the Department of
Structural Engineering and Designing. He obtained his MS degree in Civil Engineering from the North-Eastern Federal University in 2012 and a PhD degree from the Melnikov Permafrost Institute in 2018. Naberezhnyi's research focuses on developing foundation systems in permafrost with improved bearing capacity. Specifically, his recent research examined the performance of precast concrete piles commonly used in the Central Yakutian permafrost region to identify the primary causes of foundation damage and failure. His experimental research seeks to increase the bearing capacity of adfreeze pile foundations and to reduce their prefabrication and installation costs by modifying the pile shape and backfill material. (Photo: Artem Naberzhnyi receives the Best Young Researcher Paper award at the 11th International Symposium on Permafrost Engineering, 2017, Magadan, Russia).

news August 19 2019