June 3, 2019

Field Geophysical Workshop

From May
8 to 27, 2019, a field geophysical workshop was held at MPI attended by 16 geophysicists from the MPI's Laboratory of Permafrost Engineering (Yakutsk) and Vilyui station (Chernyshevsky), the Institute of Earth Cryosphere (Tyumen), the Trofimuk Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics (Novosibirsk) and the Institute for Geophysics and Extraterrestrial Physics (TU Braunschweig). The purpose of the workshop was to test different methods at sites with known subsurface conditions in order to compare results and define strategies for integration of multiple geophysical methods in permafrost studies. Field surveys were conducted at five MPI's monitoring sites near Yakutsk, using electrical resistivity tomography, shear-wave reflection technique, vertical seismic profiling, ground probing radar, controlled-source radio magnetotellurics, and capacitively-coupled resistivity.

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