Dmitry Shesternev, D.Sc.

Head, Laboratory of Permafrost Engineering


Tel.: (4112) 390-885; 334-753




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Educational Background

  • M.S. (Geology and Hydrogeology), Moscow State University, 1976
  • Ph.D. (Geology and Mineralogy), Moscow State University, 1980. Dissertation: Methodology for Predicting the Thermal, Physical and Mechanical Properties of Frozen, Freezing and Thawing Coarse Soils (with Reference to the Chulman Basin)
  • D.Sc. (Engineering), Trans-Baikal State University, Chita, 2001. Dissertation: Methodological Foundations of Assessing the Effect of Frost Weathering on Physical and Geotechnical Properties of Rock Masses

Research Interests

  • Kinetics, physics, chemistry and mechanics of processes in freezing, frozen and thawing soils
  • Functioning of the engineering structure / environment systems in permafrost regions
  • Monitoring of linear, mining, industrial and civil structures
  • Thermal physics of coarse and very coarse soils
  • Heap leaching of nonferrous and precious metals in severe climates


  • Member, International Academy of Ecology, Man and Nature Protection Sciences
  • Member, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
  • Member, Russian Academy of Sciences’ Council on Earth Cryology
  • Member, Dissertation Council D 003.025.01
  • Member, Scientific and Technical Council, Republic of Sakha/Yakutia Ministry of Construction, Industry and Building Materials

 Field Work

Field studies of permafrost conditions, soil properties and structures, and kinetics and mechanics of interaction between frozen ground and engineering structures in:

  • central Yakutia – 2010 to present
  • southern Yakutia – 1977-1978, 2010 to present
  • Selenga River Delta – 2002-2003
  • northern, central and southern Trans-Baikal – 1980-2004
  • East Siberia – 1974, 1987-1989
  • West Siberia – 1974-1975
  • Polar Urals – 1973


Dr. Shesternev has forty years’ teaching experience. He is presently a professor at the Chita State University and teaches courses in statistical analysis of geotechnical information; physics and mechanics of frozen soils; geotechnical site investigations; and frozen ground engineering. Four Ph.D. students have completed their degrees under his supervision (G. Yadrishchensky, 1989, V. Olenchenko, 2003, G. Lapkin, 2010, and A. Verkhoturov, 2011). Currently, he is supervising three Ph.D. students and one D.Sc. candidate.