4 – 23 JUNE 2018    YAKUTSK, RUSSIA

FYPS 2018 Workshop

Field Workshop




The 2018 field workshop will be held in the vicinity of the village of Amga in central Yakutia. This agricultural area is presently experiencing accelerated development of thermokarst, thermal erosion, ground settlement and other cryogenic processes. These processes cause the expansion of water-covered areas and the reduction of arable land. They also present challenges to the operation of roads and utility lines. Together with senior scientists from MPI, participants will conduct field observations to assess the extent of permafrost degradation in different landscape settings. They will take part in the establishment and instrumentation of observation sites to monitor ground temperatures, permafrost processes, groundwater, and geochemistry. Geophysical, land surveying, hydrogeological, hydrological and geotechnical investigation methods will be employed.

The field workshop will focus on the following main topics:
- Permafrost processes and landforms (thermokarst, frost heaving, mass wasting, icings, thermal suffosion, etc.)
- Surface and subsurface thermal regimes in different landscapes
- Permafrost-related engineering problems and mitigation techniques
- Mitigation and restoration measures for degraded agricultural lands
- Land suitability mapping and assessment for agriculture


The field workshop fee is to be paid separately and is estimated to be approximately 5000 Rubles (including meals). It may be reduced in case of additional funding. The exact amount of fee will be informed later.




Unless stated otherwise, all photographs on this website are by the Melnikov Permafrost Institute staff members
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